Mike built the website for my company and did a fantastic job. He was easy to work with especially in light of my perfectionist tendencies. The cost was reasonable. The bottom line result was tremendous value and a great looking website. Highly recommended! www.bottomlineresultsinc.com

Dennis Watson
Bottom Line Results, Inc.

Mike was an integral part of launching my blog! I am so happy with his web design. He was thorough, prompt, and put things in a way I could understand. I highly recommend!

Jody Niebuhr
Mama in the Midst

Mike is extremely knowledgeable and I can give him a whole list of list of what I need and he makes it happen. He never makes me feel stupid for any question or request. I just want my tech stuff to easily work and he makes that happen!

Corrine Bretz
Prairieland Insurance

Mike is the most patient technical person I have ever worked with. Without him, there's no way that I could have built my blog. His expertise and know-how is a huge part of why I was able to begin blogging!

Carissa Nelson
Spoonful of Easy